Wall Art 101: Where to Begin?

Wall Art 101: Where to Begin?

By Pam Myers, Windcliff Hollow

December 2020

There are a few things to consider before you get out the tools and picture hanging kits. First, you should realize that wall art sets the tone for your homescape. When you look around your wall space it should convey a comfortable, inviting tone that reflects your family’s type. Different rooms might convey the room’s purpose, but your sense of style is defined by the wall art being displayed.

Next, choosing wall art should be a fun experience that inspires you and brings you pleasure when you place it in just the right spot. You may have a special piece that inspires you or you decide to focus on a room’s theme. Other areas of focus might be color or size. Regardless, choosing wall art should be enjoyable and fun.

The third thing to consider when choosing wall art is what vibe does it give off? If you do not gain enjoyment or relaxation from the piece, then why put it on your wall? Remember it is your money, your design and your homescape. Although you may need to come to a consensus with other family members, you can select pieces that reflect your family’s style. Living with the your wall art should be comfortable, yet inspirational, to help you energize yourself the next day.